Monday, February 16, 2009

Reading week =/= Reading

Since Friday, I have:

- Gone to see Jim Cuddy at Winterlude.
- Left Cuddy early to go to an all-ages metal show at Maverick's and see Adrian play.
- Left the metal show to drink beer away from 15 year-old Kanata kids.
- Ran into John Sergeant. Reminisced.
- Had the annual Valentine's dinner at Mamma Teresa's with the usual suspects...
- Likely been banned from Mamma Teresa's.
- Watched "Knocked Up". For the first time. Don't judge.
- Wondered why the single best scene of the film was cut out.
- Made chocolate pudding.
- Locked myself, the keys, and my phone in the apartment of a friend that I'm looking after.
- Consoled myself with chocolate pudding.
- Within 20 minutes, acquired Sasha to help me jimmy the lock with a right angle and a Shoppers Optimum card.
- Used the serendipity of our hooliganism to catch up on life over coffee.
- Had an impromptu dinner date at my place with Tejas after ditching her at coffee because of the apartment debacle. Finished the chocolate pudding for dessert.
- Went on a sexy skating date on the canal with Glo.
- Embarrassed myself on the canal with my utter lack of skating abilities.
- Ate beavertails to ease the pain of failure.
- Added copious amounts of Bailey's to my and Glo's hot chocolates to forget my epic skating fail.
- Went to a fantastic rock show at Zaphod's.
- Got double shots by accident thanks to Glo talking about my boobs... and a well-placed grab.
- Drank pints and enjoyed fantastic company in the window booth of the Brig.
- Spent the last third of the night trying to convince a friend that he should, despite his new relationship in TO, accept the married couple's offer of a threesome. Mumbled something about area codes. Was the picture of morals and grace. May have said "if I were your girlfriend, I wouldn't be upset... in fact, I'd be impressed. I'd probably high five you."
- Walked home with the Sarge. Compared winter trenchcoats.

So now it's Monday and I'm actually going to work. I'm going to be a diligent student and mark ALL of the first year papers and start pursuing my 20 years later story (because apparently I can't do "20 years ago, Meg was getting potty trained— a retrospective"...) I will finish up my MRP research and bibliograph (yes, now a verb) to my heart's content and be a picture of academic accomplishment. I will even pull out my reading glasses.

... well, until I head out for pints tonight.

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