Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A letter to my previous internship that I seriously considered sending

Dear CFJC newsroom,

I have noticed your new "Firewatch 2009" advertisement that has been playing consistently on channel 7.

I approve of the jump cuts of shots of forest fires and men battling the elements. Big helicopters dumping water! Drama! Excitement! Exclamation mark!

But may I offer one small tidbit of a suggestion?

I humbly request that the epic circa-1995 newsroom music be replaced with Sarah McLachlan's "World on Fire"...

Don't pretend you don't want to.

Indubitably yours,


1 comment:

  1. The fact that you didn't send this letter upsets me.

    Fun fact of the day: this music video was inspired by an EWB volunteer's letter from the field that Sarah McLachlin somehow stumbled across and read. He was writing about the woman selling oranges and the challenges she faced and what EWB was doing to help her overcome it. I actually met Christy two years after this whole feature/video/scholarship (she got the $1000 scholarship to send her kids to school) when I was in Accra. She's still selling oranges, working the same hours, still refusing any tips from foreigners, and is as grateful and happy as ever. (Don't tell her you're from Canada though, because she'll insist that any oranges to Canadians are free.)

    I love this video so much, and yet had forgotten all about it. Thanks for this.