Saturday, May 9, 2009

First show: Meg and Sheila, BFF

Week one’s theme: The Awkward Show. Almost too apt for our intrepid intern.

The concept is a bit much to explain in a blog, but revolves around a previous show of GO where a singer from Hamilton, Tiny Bill Cody, wrote a song about Sheila Copps called “Sheila Dreams of the Water”—that is quite awesome, albeit with some questionable lines. This time, Sheila confronts Tiny Bill about his song… hence the awkward bit.

Of course, Sheila has to be kept from the audience during the first half of the show, so who is in charge of keeping the former Deputy PM company? That’s right, yours truly.

I can say quite fairly that I’m generally a pretty big fan of Sheila. As a young woman (well, according to my grandfather at least) with an interest in politics, I think it’s natural to take an interest in strong female politicians and Sheila’s longstanding political career is one of many reasons to admire her.

So, of course I can’t help myself as I hand her a glass of water:

“Wow, this is a bit of a flashback”

Sheila looks confused. “Oh really?” she asks politely.

“Yeah, well I used to be a Page—“

“Oh, in the legislature?”

“No… no, in the House of Commons… in 2004.”

“Oh really?”

Cue 45 minute private conversation with Sheila about politics—from university funding to female representation on Parliament Hill (from sculptures to the House)—and a variety of topics in between.

It was when she entered the radio studio and related many of Brent’s questions to feminism that I realized I may have primed her a bit for where she would direct the show.

When she used the word misogynist, I was fairly certain I had.

One more point for the feminists. Now if only I can get the next guest to talk about vaginas…

Also notable: Sheila and Tiny Bill Cody’s duet of reconciliation: Funky Disclaimer. You can also listen to the episode here.

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  1. Hey! I remember this show (and even the one where Bill Cody did the first song). Loved both - two of may fave CBC experiences.